I am Debra, a globetrotter since I was a teen living in different states and countries. The discoveries I have made during my travels keep me searching for more, which explains the packed suitcase under my bed. An artist and writer for the past 25 years I make my home now in Sonoma County, California.

A near fatal accident required a change in professions. Accommodating the challenges I have faced with my new abilities has only been a plus from what most would call a disability.

Management and sales are not the right fit for me now.  I can no longer be the creator of art, (the workbench is too difficult to manage), but I can certainly appreciate it.  Art is found any place you travel or live.  Writing what you know about will bring the pen to paper — finding the creative side of life is a natural thing for me.

Journalism is the right direction for me. Writing has always been a passion and my love for travel and adventure has provided the material I need to share my discoveries.  Now I want to share my discoveries, and how to find them, with all of you.

While finding the answers for your most basic needs you will enjoy some of your own discoveries. Follow my blog I will keep giving you lists and tips to ease the new country trauma.

I have a credential in Journalism from the University of California and I have been published in both newspapers and magazines, print and online. Travel, entertainment, and art have been my focus.  Recently I set up a new brand for their online marketing.  I found digital strategies for brand marketing a strong suit for me but putting words to anything is a good fit.

So throw your Nikon over your shoulder and let’s go down the roads that promise something worthy of a photo or two.

All yours,


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