It is impossible to give you every tip for traveling so I am focusing on the most necessary, urgent and what will give you a better trip.

Everything from how to hitch hike in Mexico to picking a restaurant and the best travel shoes.

There are many more tips to come and yours are welcomed too.
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Travel Shoes BY Debra Amundson Waiting in line at the airport coffee shop I overheard a man at the counter mentioning how he always traveled in old shoes for comfort.  Scoffing as I looked down at the man’s shabby shoes…


WHEN YOU ARE TRAVELING IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY BE READY FOR THE UNEXPECTED. ACCIDENTS CAN MAKE FOR A GOOD STORY LATER ON. On one of my first trips to Mexico I was touring the mountains with my native Mexican companion,…


THOUGHTS FOR THE 4TH OF JULY On Memorial Day we celebrate our veterans and for some of us those that meant the most to us, no longer here.  Labor Day we celebrate the people that are the backbone of this…


 TIPPING AROUND THE WORLD   By around the world, I mean a selection of countries that will represent the basic rules for tipping where ever you are.  It can change dramatically depending on geographics, the economy of the country, religion, cultural restrictions…

How To Pick Your Best Hotel

These are tips for new travelers, travelers on a budget or students. Students should consider youth hostels (  Adventurous souls might want to take a look at elder hostels (  I use the same tips for hotels at all  prices.…

Travel Discoveries in Paris

MY FIRST TRAVEL DISCOVERY The Painted Walls in Paris My French cousin Anne-Sophie and I were at the must see Montmartre, the artists square with hundreds of years of art and art history worn into the sidewalks. The art is…