Dear Readers;

I am sorry to have been gone. I am donating my time to something I consider a serious problem in our communities and our country. I have been helping a friend start a new blog, Homeless Chronicle. I encourage all of you to read it. You will find information that you will be surprised at, cry, laugh and be educated. It will also have daily posts about what is happening in the world that effects the condition.

You might be thinking what has this got to do with travel? Travel is not just about what is the most exciting thing to do in a location. Travel is an education about the world, what the customs are, what the problems are, what food they eat and what food they don’t have to eat, where they sleep and if they have anywhere to sleep. I tell you to take the stairs and the backroads for a reason. You will learn and see what many people don’t. It will not always be “fun” but it will always be an experience that you will grow from and you will have knowledge about a place that many people will never have. Travel is serious business and well worth it.

Here are some stats that will introduce you to what some now consider a lifestyle. Every night 60,000 families in this country go to sleep homeless. I would venture to say that the children may very well be hungry too.


I also write for Homeless Chronicles. I can tell you about the restaurant I ate in yesterday the country I was in last month or an experience I had a decade ago but nothing more current and poignant than what is happening today on our streets and in our towns.

While it is not common for homeless to change countries roaming from town to town is not uncommon due to local laws or weather. While traveling I hope to bring some information of the social conditions in any area I am in. Changing countries is usually due to civil wars, political upheavals, religious differences, famine or disease.

Mother and child injured during a war against their own.

Aren’t we lucky that in the United States ours is fairly straight forward, not enough low income housing, jobs that pay no more than substandard wages, job loss, natural disasters causing business loss, domestic violence, date violence and sexual assault. Wow, what luck!


Homeless is homeless no matter where in the world you are. The conditions might be worse or dire but all homeless are looking for a home and wanting a better life and wanting life to be normal again. What is normal? It differs for each of us. Shelter, food and water are the bare basics. Being extravagant for some might be having a roof over one’s head, a bed to sleep in, enough money to put food on the table and provide a warm place to be safe, for children a school to go to and parents or parent to provide this and love them.

It certainly sounds reasonable to me. Think about what you can do to change just one thing. Volunteer for an organization lending aid to the homeless and disenfranchised or donate to a resource your heart tells you that is the direction to go in. Remember, there but for the grace of God go we…

Think about walking in their moccasins for a while. Could you?

Thank you for taking time to read this and the Homeless Chronicle.

Thank you,


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