Hi, I  am Debra Amundson, aka Rose on the Roads.

A blog is a perfect forum to teach others how to discover without the guide book.  You need to read between the lines of travel guides. Even the best of them do not tell you how to discover your own adventure.

Not all adventures come from world travel.  Day trips even errands can produce a story you want to share.

Travel can be wearing and full of surprises. I overcome those by turning mistakes into a good story and a life lesson. I have found some of my best travel adventures happened by accident. Frequently I am entertained by my own laughter at the outcomes.  I hope to bring you to a good laugh along with me.

Readers of all ages and backgrounds, men and women, will benefit from the tips that unfold to help them down their own roads.   You will find a tip in all of my tales.

There are plenty of bumps in the road when you travel.  Whether you are a novice at turning the mistakes that happen into miracles of the moment or a seasoned veteran caught off guard at a last minute change of plans, stuff happens and it all can be great discoveries.  Just remember to take the stairs instead of the elevator and the side road rather than the main road; just wait for discoveries to happen.

How To Travel offers two categories to ease the new country trauma.    What is the no-fault way to learn the top sites to see? What bus to take or do you?  What are the most important things to do when choosing a hotel?  The Travel Tips & Advice category will give you easy to follow pointers.  Rose’s Rules For the Roads gives you do’s and don’ts for all types of travel.

While finding the answers for your most basic needs you will enjoy some of your own discoveries.

I will be posting as frequently as I have something you will find intriguing. Short and humorous, most of the time.

Welcome to my blog!