You never know what you will find when you take the stairs. I took them to Las Alamandas, Mexico’s most romantic hotel.  Located on the Pacific coast half way between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanio, Las Alamandas offers spectacular beaches and ocean views.  This area is known as the ecocoast  and you will find a bird sanctuary and native plant gardens at Las Alamandas.

Los Allamandas
Stairs at Las Alamandas

Read the article on Las Alamandas for a full review of the hotel. What you will learn about the eco friendly romantic hotel is the commitment Las Alamandas has to not only indigenous and migratory  birds but to sea turtles.

Each year when the giant sea turtles, some as large as a beach lounge chair, came to lay their eggs on the beaches of Las Alamandas the crew  would harvest them and protect them from prey, both animal and human.  When they hatched, the babies were rushed back to the same spot they were laid in to return to the ocean. Thousands of sea turtles have been protected by the owner of Las Alamandas, Isabel Patino, and her staff.

Baby sea turtles

“We released 2189 baby turtles” said Graciela Caballero, of the  biology department at Las Alamandas.  Graciela, no longer at Las Alamandas, had gone on to tell us that they had collected 5 nests of the Lepicochelys olivacea specie (Olive Ridley) on Soledad, Alamadas and Chachalacas beaches, part of Las Alamandas.  That was in November 2009.

Imagine how many more turtles have returned to the sea thanks to Isabel Patino and her staff.  Ms. Patino is known for her devotion to the preservation of native species as well as running a fabulous hotel.

Romance is not the only thing Las Alamandas is known for.



























Biodiversity Catalogue:

Romance is not the only thing that Las Alamandas is known for.