Don’t let the feeling of “I have failed,” take over. Consider a mischosen direction as an opportunity to learn more about your field or start a new path with the knowledge you have garnered.

There are no failures just learning lessons. Haven’t learned from all your mistakes? If so then inventory your past successes and losses and why or why not they did or did not work.

Perhaps you were ahead of the market and could not find enough power to back you up. Was it your presentation skills or lack of thorough knowledge of the field? Could it be a challenge of a one-person startup without the team in place to back you up? How thoroughly have you researched your concept? Are their other leaders in the field that are keeping the concept a low profile and watching and waiting? If so how do you beat them to the punch?

You may want to beat the others at their game but if you are new take a minute and do more research; you just might come out the star for finding faults before they become destructive to a valuable but mismanaged plan.

The best advice overall is to research, research, research.

You can never lose on good research and the trial. The winner is to not only the first with the idea but one that has been tested and true.



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