This puppy had followed this troop for miles and finally one of the nice guys put it in his pack to carry to their camp. That was one desperate puppy and he found the right stranger.

A soldier was on a march and a puppy began to follow him. After 3 miles the puppy was panting but keeping up.  That pup must not have anyone to care for it he thought.  He decided there was no way to leave the little guy behind so he put the puppy in his pack and brought it back to the camp to give it a home.  That was one desperate puppy.  It turned into a great budget travel trip for both of them. They named the pup “Easy Rider” and it turned out he was a girl and the puppies all got good rides.


Talk about giving a hand up! The whole crowd lifted this man to get the best view.

That is a lot of hands up.  What spirit that crowd had.  That man may have forgotten for a moment that his disability was something that kept him from really living life.  It isn’t a disability it is an ability to do things differently and look how many friends you can make.  How’s this for a great travel idea.  Remember kindness travels.

This did not cost a cent, well maybe a bag charge.

A kind person saw a car with a window down and it was raining.  She or he placed a grocery bag over the window to keep the car dry.  If you can read the note it explains it all.

If it were not for this man those kittens he was carrying across a flooded river would have drowned.  Mommy, swimming behind him, could never have gotten all of her kittens across.  This was not mentioned in your Travel Guide.


How about this fireman rescue turned out to be a kitten that had smoke inhalation.

If this fireman had not found this kitten it time it would have died from smoke inhalation.  Now that is a story to tell your children.  He did take the kitten home too.

I could go on with this for hours.  There are hundreds of these types of pictures available online.  You could always take a few of your own.

This can happen anywhere around the world.  Kindness travels bring some home.


I was in a discount store shopping for groceries.  After the tab was rung it was over my limit.

I offered to go to my car and see if I had the balance of $7.38.  The young man cashiering said “wait, Miss,” Miss at my age was a compliment already, “I can take care of that,” he said.

I thought the store was the one to overlook it, but no he took his own bank card out of his pocket and paid the balance for me.  I was nearly in tears at his thoughtfulness.  I told him, “that is the kindest thing anyone has done for me in a long time.”

No matter the amount, for him it was generous, I felt privileged to have met this young man.

I am still waiting for the appropriate way to return his generosity; he has refused so far.


Not more than a few days later I was shopping again.  I was in line behind a man at the check stand who was buying local honey.  I commented that local honey is good for allergies in the area.   He assured me that was exactly the reason for the purchase, his own allergies.

The conversation continued and I mentioned a honey being brought in from New Zealand that was to be a healer for many conditions.  A friend had told me about this following her own chemotherapy and the help it had been.  I must have mentioned that I was hopeful of similar healing potentials.

When I exited the store the man, Marvin, was waiting by his bike at the door.  “Would you mind if I prayed for you,” he asked.  The only answer could be of course. Marvin hugged me and said a kind prayer for my health and recovery.

I believe it has worked I have felt improvement since that prayer.The kindness of strangers is overwhelming. Two saints in one week.  I consider myself a fortunate woman.