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Changing your password. I have not found one system that offers both security and simplicity for the user. This is a major annoyance as it seems to happen too often. If you have not forgotten your own password someone else has ‘remembered it’ and that requires a change.

It is suggested to get a new password.  Whether the change is requested by you, or them it is time-consuming and it always creates a Murphy’s moment.  I have found many sites difficult to change passwords for as it is, it simply does not work too much of the time.

Here is the scenario: You can’t log into your email, or a site you visit frequently.  You can’t get your password if your contact is your email. You can’t open your email without a password.  Now the ritual of asking for a password change and being told to check the email they are going to send the instructions to and that is the same email that you can’t open without the password…

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How many of you have  had promises made by Verizon and never have them come to fruition? It doesn’t matter if it is equipment, billing errors, credits due, programs signed up for, data usage or pricing on anything.

The comment section is wide open for this.

I am open to recommendations for a better provider.


Dr.’s that say “I don’t know.”  “You are the specialist, I was referred to you.  How can you just shrug your shoulders and say “I don’t know?”

How about “I will find out,” or “I need some more tests to be certain,” or just admit it is just for the money and it was nice of me to write a check.

If I hear I don’t know and get shown the door one more time I swear I will take the degree from the wall and make a bound fire out of it.

Anyone else tired of “I don’t know.”