Write Right With a Good Nights Sleep

Sleep your way to success.

1. Turns out burning the midnight oil may not be the best way to finish that article.
We have all done a writing marathon convinced that our best ideas come at 3:00 A.M.

Not so; the brain needs rest too, at least 7 hours worth. During the day your brain is in use and can’t clear the toxins that build up. Sleep is the only thing that can cure that and clear out the cob webs and the toxins.

Pillow huggers unite. If you write late, sleep late. Keep your brain creative and give it a break, along with your body.

2. Lack of sleep can cause writers block. One cure for that is to keep an idea journal. List at least 3 ideas for an article or blog post daily. Write down the ones that strike you out of the blue too.

You will be surprised at how many times that journal will come in handy. It may take some time but anything green will always be there.

3. Always put what you write aside and read it again later or the next day. You will be more objective about your work after a good nights sleep.

Keep it simple.

4. Do one thing at a time. Write. Avoiding multi tasking will help keep you focused. As example don’t try and change the baby or the oil while working on a piece. You never know what will turn up in the engine or on the baby.

5. Both Orson Wells and Mark Twain were of one mind when it came to word use. Where a long word works a short word would be better. If you had to look up your word choice in the dictionary imagine what your audience thinks when reading it.


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