The Painted Walls in Paris

Entrance to Abesses Metro
Entrance to Abbesses Metro

My French cousin Anne-Sophie and I were at the must see Montmartre, the artists square with hundreds of years of art and art history worn into the sidewalks. The art is a vision but two of my favorite things are the walk away sidewalk crepes made to order and sold from tiny street front stalls. On the outskirts of the square are stores filled with cheesy but fascinating finds, souvenirs, umbrellas, posters and placemats with colorful and witty art alongside dozens of trinkets worthy of a purchase. These can be had for far less than the museum stores or shops on the main boulevards.

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As we ran for the metro we were welcomed into the Abbesses stop by its art deco entrance, one of the last two left in Paris. Taking the stairs down to the tracks I spotted the murals. The walls are colored with scenes from the past, painted by street artists over recent years; as an homage to the artists of the past, these help keep Montmartre alive for all to see, even underground.

Mural on Ceiling

As you have read “Take the Stairs” is nearly a mantra. Taking the less traveled road is one way to make great discoveries, rather than the elevator we took the stairs.


Man on Train
After much research, I found the only reference to the murals was painted walls. I was so excited about the discovery I had to bring it to the world and I wrote an article, “The Painted Walls of Paris”, which was published by Epoch Times in the United States and in Paris.  First published in 2007, the story has been read and there is much more to see if you google the Abbesses metro. read the original story.


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