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The Paris Metro opened in 1900. Hector Guimard was the architect responsble for the Art Nouveau entrances in that day. Today there are only two of these magnificient works of art left in Paris and one of those is the Abbesses Metro Station.

Artistic iron work and etched glasss greet you as you enter this station wieghted with the ghosts of Monmarte. It is in the spirit of this Art Nouveau design that young artists came to breath life into the old walls of this station

The creations of this new breed of talent are simple called “decorated stairs”. Most of the murals remain unsigned and it is uncertain the exact date the project was begun or completed. A number of these works of art were damaged by thoughtless graffitti. Fortunately most of them still remain as painted to greet you as you descend down the stairs to the platform.

Monmarte, the creativity lives on. Go see it, you will be glad you did.

By Debra Amundson Copyright 2006

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    1. Thanks Greg. Look under Published Articles for Painted Walls in Paris for much more on the Abbesses Metro and the murals painted there. Some great photos too.

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