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Don’t store your treasures or move with PODS.  They will over bill you, the quote is never the same depending on who you talk to.  Try and get an adjustment?  Laughable.  You can’t get beyond the middle man.  That took two months at that.  They have not posted my payments.  Took payments without telling me and then I payed them on top of that.  Book keeping is a joke.  You can’t read it.  It will not match your Bank Statements.  When I sent in bank statements to prove payments made or duplicated they told me the bank was not reliable, could not be used for proof.  In other words Bank of America was lying.  I think that is tippy toeing around libel.  You will not be able to get into your pod when you want without sufficient notice and someone in a good mood.  They have had a half dozen reasons for that costing me money.  I just want to get the hell out but they want $500 I don’t owe them.  Any ideas anyone.  No I can’t break in.  DO NOT TRUST PODS.

I wish I had read the reviews before choosing them but they sucked me in with low ball prices that did not include the tax to be added later.  Has anyone heard of sales tax on a storage unit?  None of the storage facilities I have called have either.  Everyone gives the same flat rate.  With PODS it depends on the day of the week, what they ate for lunch or who is the best scammer it seems.  This week alone I have gotten 3 different prices for the same service from PODS.

Contest your bill, send in bank records, compare to their statement, which will not match and they will give it a good look and come back one day later and tell you it is all accurate.  How can that be? They have the bank statements right in front of them.  Can you get anyone of substance to call you?  Can you get a name of anyone of higher management?  Can you find out a name at all?  No to all of those.  It took me two months to finally get through the security to reach anyone just above customer service and that was difficult to break through.  If the holding doesn’t kill you the lack of answers will.

DO NOT GO TO PODS.  You will regret it.  I am a good cuctomer too.  I have put up with this for 3 years.  I am not completely out of mind there were to many interferences, deaths, fires you know the drill. However they are now driving me out of my mind.

Any help out there write me in the contact me section.  Make comments if you would like too.  I would be interested in other storage horror stories.   Let’s see who gets the Worst Storage Award this year.  Vote.

Thanks for listening.  Rant is here for a reason.  Get it off your chest.





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